Leadec & MPS (formerly Abendego) - Local 707 Representatives

Unifor Local 707 supports Leadec Industrial Services workers as well as MPS  (Abednego Wastewater Operators).

Emerson Velasco

Emerson Velasco

MPS (Formerly Abednego) Chairperson

MPS (formerly Abednego) Ford Oakville Assembly Complex became a member of Unifor Local 707 on April 11, 2014, and by November 30th, 2014 had successfully negotiated its first contract with the help of Unifor Local 707.

Abednego Wastewater Operators are responsible for operating the Ford Oakville Complex Industrial Wastewater treatment plant. Ford plant generates roughly 600,000 U.S. gallons per day of Industrial wastewater. Ford has formed an agreement with the City of Oakville to have a lower discharge rate than the Sewer By-Law limits. Abednego tests and treats the wastewater in accordance with the City sewer By-Laws and ensures that wastewater is processed well below the City sewer By-Law limits. Wastewater Operators work closely with the Paint department to ensure Ford has capacity especially during shutdowns and weekend maintenance. The membership of MPS as they are now known ratified their new collective agreement with 100% of the members endorsing the new deal that expires on November 30, 2024.

Fuad Hassan

Fuad Hassan

Leadec Chairperson 📞(289) 232-6790

(289) 232-6790

Unifor Local 707 represents and supports approximately 150 Leadec Industrial Services workers.

Leadec (formerly Voith) came to work at OAC in December of 2008 and has seen many changes along the way as far as manpower and supervision. The thing that remains consistent is the hard work and determination of our members to make sure OAC is a world class facility. Our Leadec Members take great pride in the level of cleanliness that they deliver to OAC. 

Kunal Ahluwalia - #2 Shift Commiteeperson

Kunal Ahluwalia

Leadec #2 Shift Committeeperson

Brothers Hassan and Ahluwalia were 2/3 of your Unifor/Leadec Bargaining team along with the Vice President Dave Millar. This was the second CBA for which Brother Ahluwalia has been on the bargaining committee. 

Our Leadec Chairperson is a Full time position and the 3 committee people are available to represent our members for 2 hours per shift.