Employment Insurance Payments

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Brothers & Sisters,

Over the past couple of days, the Union Benefit Office has been inundated with members questioning why they have yet to receive their Regular EI Benefits for the layoff in PP8 (February 13th to February 19th, 2023).

If a members’ biweekly report was completed the weekend before, a delay in receiving EI benefits from the accustomed Tuesday after a layoff week can be for the following normal Service Canada processing reasons:

  • If you started a new EI claim for the lay-off week PP6 (January 30th to February 4th, 2023) and served your waiting period for this week as your previous EI Claim expired, it may take up to 28 days for Service Canada to process your claim for payment.


Note: A large percentage of members were starting an EI claim PP6 which is the most likely reason why some may be waiting on an EI payment for the first payable week PP8 (February 13th to 19th 2023)

  • Family Day was a banking Holiday therefore an EI payment can also be delayed by a day.

I am aware many members are suffering financially, due to a series of lay-offs and being required to start a new EI claim. As a result, I am investigating if there is any other specific issue causing our members to not be paid so far this week. However, currently it just appears to be Service Canada normal processing times. If anything changes the Union Benefit Office will provide further information to ensure anything in our control can be corrected.

In Solidarity,

Tim Batke (in for Paul Ivey)

Alternate Benefit Representative, Unifor Local 707