From the Office of the President ~ March 24 2017

Brothers and Sisters

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the membership for their overwhelming support in this round of elections. I am extremely thankful for all the kind words you have shared with me.  I would like to congratulate Brother Ron Balazs and Brother Leon Caerels for running a clean and respectful campaign.

I would also like to congratulate all other candidates that were successful.  For those who fell short do not be discouraged as it is a big decision to step up and put yourself out there for the opportunity to represent the membership especially for those brothers and sisters seeking election for the first time.  I implore you to please stay involved.  Our Committee elections will be held in the fall of this year and it’s a great way to stay active in the local.

I look forward to working with all the newly elected reps, we have a huge task in front of us.  If we work together we can reach our goals. For those members who have witnessed the election process for the first time I think you would agree it’s quite an exciting time. I would like to thank Brother Pasquale Pugliese, the office support staff and all the members who volunteered their efforts to help run the elections, your hard work and dedication was not unnoticed. Although there were a few glitches it was a very difficult task well done. Again congratulations to everyone and I look forward to the future.

In Solidarity,

Dave Thomas
Unifor Local 707

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