Employment Equity and Women’s Advocate


Employment Equity Rep and Women's Advocate
Lina Rondeau-Frondella
1(905)845-2511 Ext. 3412


Alt. Employment Equity and Women's Advocate
Rep: Stacey Pooler
1(905)845-2511 Ext. 3412

Harassment is not a joke. It is cruel and destructive behaviour against others that can have devastating effects. Harassment, by co-workers in particular, is contrary to our basic union principles of solidarity and equality.

Our goal as a union must be to help create a workplace environment free of harassment. That means not only dealing with complaints when they arise, but also watching for instances of harassment and confronting the source.

All of us, as union members must challenge harassment whenever it occurs. We must ensure that the dignity of our brothers and sisters is not threatened by harassment.

To read the complete Unifor Harassment policy please click below:  unifor_harassment_workplace_eng.pdf (PDF)

“All women need an Advocate at work.”

“All women need an
Advocate at work.”

‑Jerry Dias, Unifor National

When we came together to
create Unifor, it was with hope
and optimism that when we are
united we can be a strong force for equality and
social justice. As part of our commitment to equality,
it is essential that women have a strong voice in our

We can make significant gains for the women in our
workplaces by making women’s issues a priority at the
bargaining table. We must also work with community
partners to make gains for all women, including the
eradication of violence against women.

The issue of violence against women is very near to
my heart. I have three daughters whom I adore, and a
son who was raised understanding the importance of
women’s rights and the need for men to take on the
issue of violence against women.

I am incredibly proud of Unifor’s groundbreaking
Women’s Advocate Program. These sp ecially-trained,
easy to contact workplace representatives have been
instrumental in creating healthier workplaces and safer
communities. They work closely with management
ensuring strong cooperation to achieve this goal.

One of the best tools the union has to prevent violence
against women and workplace harassment is the
Women’s Advocate Program.

Make it a priority to negotiate this tremendous resource
in your workplace and work to end violence against
women. I want to see a women’s advocate in every
Unifor workplace.

Working together, we can make this
a reality.

Jerry Dias